Friday, August 19, 2005

shame on yahoo

those who use firefox extensively would be familiar with its searching features which really makes browsing fun. this tuesday i foolishly installed yahoo messenger 7 beta version and was shocked to see when that it has eaten up these. any search on url field start redirecting me to yahoo! advanced (?) web search. i treid many things like: uninstalling and reinstalling firefox, uninstalling and reinstalling various versions of YM going to numerous JS files on my comp, deleting yahoo search plugins, visited many online forums (for e.g )and what not. i could get sucess only in accomplishing google search on typing google keywords but couldnt get back i am feeling lucky feature. this is the most blasphemous action by any software firm which i've encountered, leaving M$ guys way behind, i feel robbed.
plz plz plz if anyone can find a solution for this, get back to me. advice for all firefox lover dont install anything from yahoo till you need it desperately.

mangal pandey - the setting

am not blogging anything for a long time, but this movie compelled me to put forth my views

watched the rising last nite, and though i had very low expectations after seening the promos and much too overhyped buildup, it cud barely meet those expections (the unexpected delight was the banjarans songe :) )
the film started off brilliantly with the painting coming into life scene which probably is the best starting scene i've seen since 2001 a space odyssey but it remained only exceptional scene of the entire movie. there was far too many underdeveloped characters of no or little use, the dialoges were uninspiring, the music just about average, the direction ordinary..only saviours were amir khan and toby stephens..but the nail in the coffin was the skin show (am seriously appalled how censor board gave it a U, FYI in UK one need to be atleast 12 to watch this) the pointless act of the maid exposing her areola for feeding the baby, the ever so low cleavage of the whores (which dint have any significance in the story) and worst of all the "zulmi manbasiya" song which will put most of the music videos to doesnt only show that they had hardly any story worth telling, apart from the last half an hour but it also signifies that amir even though how much he pretend himself to be hasnt got the courage to pull a Rs 50 crore movie entirely on his shoulder. the buildup was like that its the greatest movie ever made (even though the greatest movie ever made wont deserve such a hype) while it wasnt even the best movie released this mansoon. agreed that amir didnt do a film for 4 years but that doesnt give him the certificate of doing any crap and pretending to be the biggest intellectual in the industry.

my rating 2*'s out of 4, but guys do watch it for the for the banjaran's song :D