Friday, July 08, 2005

the longest mail...


First of all thanks a lot for providing me something
to do on a boring morning :)

secondly if u bother replying this mail, send it to, yahoo sux and so does orkut, isnt
allowing me to change my primary id :((

thirdly if there is a factual mistake please forgive
me coz i hv seen the movie only twice and the last
viewing was some 16-17 months back

now coming to the discussion, requiem.. is definetly
among the most powerful movie i've seen if not the
most powerful and believe me i hv seen enough movies
to trust that its one of the most powerful one ever
made. my first viewing was when i hadnt become an avid
movie fan and this flick one of the reasons i became a
buff. each frame of the movie is amazing, be it the
scene when the guy is taking away the tv to sell and
old ladies are having their skin tanned, be it the
mother's thoughts of getting in to red dress and
appearing in the tv show, be it the final sequence
when the girl has joined porn industry (wait a minute
have u seen the uncut version???), all in all i can
say that its many brilliant sequence..
the cinematography is amazing, the split screen
sequences, the protrayal of the procedure of taking
drugs (opening of bottle, injecting etc..)
the OST is great, cant remember any thing in recent
past to have such a good score(LOTR trilogy will be
distnat second)
the acting is superb, especially Ellen Burstyn as the
old lady, each expression on her face is so good,
Jennifer Connelly is great as well, she really
displayed great courage in doing such a flick
especially the last sequence, cant think of many
hollywood actresses to get ready for that...
what to say of direction at the age of 30 Darren
Aronofsky has acheived what most of the directors will
never be able to (watch pi, his first and only other
movie, not so shocking but really good)
but above all arguments are invalid if u take away the
screenplay, such a grim display, no hope left
watsoever remaining... if i have never turned to
drugs(i've got many offers) probably this is the

i agree that the movie leaves one wiht nausea but then
its a successful movie, you loved it in a sense, why
hate it?

enough of adulation, winding it up, but before that
would only like to tell that i am a 'subscriber' (nice
command on english you have, especially when it comes
to picking words, i m so bad at it :(( ) to all kinds
of movies and i believe that not only hollywood, any
country's flicks coming to india is good.

bye for now, hoping its not good bye,
--- Priyanka Agrawal wrote:

> Hi
> Sending u a message... since this was too large to
> fit in the scrapbook.
> Yes... I'd definitely like to have a discussion on
> requiem b'cos I had very negative emotions after
> seeing the movie while I thought it was a very
> popular movie in my circle of acquaintances.
> Let me first clarify... I am not necessarily a
> subscriber to 'feel good movies' which is the reason
> y i do not see so much of indian cinema. I believe
> that hollywood flicks coming to india are more
> realistic at times and have better themes. I
> personally liked movies like 'girl interrupted' a
> lot even though its just not a feel good movie.
> With 'Requiem..', I do appreciate that the movie
> portrays the effects of addiction in any form (be it
> with food, drugs... anything!). So the theme is
> good, but the movie in itself made me feel sick n
> nauseous. I mean, i cannot imagine anything worse. I
> don't want a 'feel good' movie, but i definitely
> don't want an utterly 'feel-bad' movie which is
> enough to sink a sensible soul into the abyss of
> despair and nausea. It is just so extreme... too
> extreme to suit my slightly fragile sensibilities.
> I'm not sure why my friends liked it.... kinda
> attributed to a guy thing (till now i've only heard
> of guys liking the movie... don't know any girl
> apart from myself who has seen it so don't know how
> they find it). Which reminds me... i hated Kill Bill
> 1... ofcourse all my friends (again, all guys) rave
> about it.
> So whats ur rationale for having it in ur favorites
> list??
> Priyanka
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