Wednesday, April 27, 2005

beauty without brains

winfrey in saree and ash in suit, die laughing
goes on proving that ash is no amitabh

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

news of the month for me

exploding toads reminds me of the climax of magnolia......and an interesting article on this as well, the end is nigh


hail IT cities bangalore and hyderabad........and we talk abt UP and bihar.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

films on films

.....and you thought that films are for relaxation.
collective chaos
films on films can be translated in hindi as films pe films which can be interpreted as films ke baad films means films after films and thats true to the fullest extent. it
for the first time in my life i went through such a spree of movies, was a really tiresome experience but at the same time very satisfying. of the 10 flicks in the fest i cudnt see the first one partially bcoz i hv already seen it and mainly bcoz i was stuck in the office. out of the rest 9 i enjoyed 8.1 (cud enjoy only the last chapter of 10 on ten). sorry for those who came looking for reviews but i m not gonna review any of the bcoz firstly i m damn lazy in reviewing any thing (my second blog is a perfect example of that), secondly i m almost illeterate when it comes to non-indian non-american cinema. those who want to read the reviews can look at the collective chaos or this blog; i m sure he will come up with reviews (and some really good ones) in a day or two.
the fest can easily be divided in two categories in which story has the upper hand and they happen to be films on films; second which are films made on films and story takes the secondary posiotion. camera buff, man bites dog, cinema paradiso, 8 1/2 and rashomon constitue the first category while man with a movie camera, five obstructions, 10 on ten and salama cinema constitue the second; close-up comes some where in between, probably more on the second side.
there is another quite glaring difference iran vs the rest. there were three iranian movies and they can easily be distinguished from others. i wish to see more of the iranian cinema in future and want to know that is it true in general or just happened to be a coinincidence.
how ever hard i may try i cant keep myself from putting forth my choices. lets take it this way if i have the chance of watching a flick again then the order will be rashoman, man bites dog (warning: it is one of the most gory movie u'll ever see), camera buff, five obstructions, cineam paradiso, salam cinema, 8 1/2, close-up, man with a movie camera and 10 on ten.
a very good thing about the fest was that it didnt have most renowned works of many directors for example kryzstof has three colors and decalogue; kiarostami has the wind will carry us and taste of cherry; makhmalbaf has the cyclist; lars von trier has dancer in the dark and dogvile and so on. this has ignited in me the desire for watching more of these directors and hence for third language cinema in general.
one thing i didnt like about the fest was the anti american feeling, inclusion of 10 on ten is a glaring example of this. also among number of directors whose quotes were put on the boards there were only two hollywood names, hitchcock and chaplin. if i have to choose a film for such a fest, my first choice will be singing in the rain. thats to me is the most entertaining as well as most knowledgeable movie made on movies.
kudos to collective chaos, looking forward to other screenings...

Friday, April 22, 2005

best of the beast

videh bought walkman yesterday, along with it he got the cassette of best of the best by iron maiden. prior to this maiden only meant fear of the dark and aces high to me and have never really appealed me. but those 50 minutes were amazing, for the first time i realized the power of walkman and more importantly power of iron maiden. be it number of the beast, bring your daughter to the slaughter, be quick or be dead everything touched me, but most moving ones were 2 minutes to midnight and can i play with madness. i cant remember being moved by 1 band in such short time in recent past, b4 this it was simon and garfunkel who instantly swept me away but thats abt 3.5 years away. it seems things wont be the same again.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

some probs here

just a dummy post

still grrrrrrr...........

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

the world the universe and everything

yesterday had a discussion with rohit. navratri (nine nights: a period of nine days considered to be auspicious by hindus, comes twice in a year) has just passed so rohit was happy that he can get back to his not-so-saitnly life again. i asked him even if there is god and 42 is not the answer of everything then how can HE make some days auspicious and some not so. he asked just a simple question which shut me up "kya tum mandir mein ja ke daru pi sakte ho" (can u drink in a temple). i am still thinking about that, why the hell cant i kick the concept of holy places out of my mind if i cant comprehend the concept of holy days??
is it the sapce-time duality :-?

most frustating PJ

CAUTION: If you are already frustated plz refrain from reading this, you might throw away you monitor. If you have any arms watsoever, keep them out of your reach, it can be extremely dangerous for your as well as your friends' lives. Here comes the pain:

ek baar ek murgi hoti hai, wo doctor ke pass ja rahi hoti achhanak use chicken pox ho jaata wo kaafi pareshaan ho jaati hai...tabhi saamne se ek murga uski pareshaan haalat dekhkar kareeb aata hai..poochhta hai, ki kya hua murgi??? murgi kahti hai chicken pox..
to murga jawaab mein kahta hai ki darne ki koi baat nahin hai, mujhe bhi tandoori chicken pox ho chuka hai...murgi kaafi khush hoti hai..kahti hai, main isliye pareshaan thi ki mujhe yeh pataa nahin lag paa raha hai ki kaunsa chicken pox hua hai..tandoori, butter, chilly, or ra ra. murga poocchhta hai, ki tumhein kya pasand murgi jawaab deti hai ki sawaal yeh nahin ki mujhe kya pasand hai, par yeh hai ki use main pasand hoon ki nahin...murga apna case bataate hue kahta hai- ki maine chicken pox hone se pahle yeh shart to nahin rakhi thi ki wo mujhse pasand karta hai ki nahin.murgi kaafi enlightened feel kar rahi hoti hai aur murge se kaafi impress ho jaati hai...aur murge se chudwaa leti hai.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

ROTFLMAO: the funniest resume

the character of this blog is real for confidentiality sake his name has been withheld. here is the summary (dont blame me, he only calls it) of his CV
  • Skilled at learning new concepts quickly, working well under pressure, and communicating ideas clearly and effectively.
  • Extensive computer training, including knowledge of multiple networking environments and business software packages.
  • Enthusiastic and experienced in overseas travel.
  • Can mould into any working environment and make a difference for the team on board and off- screen too.
  • Firm believer and implementer of I(a)mpossible and Rene Descartes’ “ I Think Therefore I Am”
  • Pragmatic and Visionary, excellent communication skills capable of motivating fellow mates and juniors.
  • Excessively ambitious and want to make it really BIG in this short life-time.
moral of the story dont give a summary of ur resume, if u give then dont give such a detailed one, even if u give such a detailed one plz dont ask me to forward it :P

Monday, April 18, 2005

cooRG(L)ed down/up

posting after a long time, though my regular visitor(if there are any) will know that there was a report of a war in between. for them i wud say that's history and the parties have sorted(?) out the differences and being a fan of 1984 i felt compulsory to delete the chapter from history :)

videh : direKtor
anil : photographer
shireesh : sleeper :P
gaurav : actor (even my close friends will be pressed hard to find his identity)
me : blogger

this weekend i have been to coorg, with aforementioned friends, in the next few minutes i m going to bore u by bragging abt it. it all started with ever enthu diro. poor guy hates blore (i cant understand why) and he hates his office guys even more who often plays spoilspot, so he planned or rather misplanned that we g2g some where. the obvious choice was coorg, supposedly the most beautiful place in karnataka. we hired a scorpio and off we go.......

beer is the men's patrol so offcourse we had to fill in our tanks b4 we go, knowing that this will enhance the chances of us reaching in morning by providing some extra indespensible halts :P onward journey was phew...... so many jerks and so less space, after ur diro and photographer refuse to give u any space. thanks to musafir to make our safar somewat easier with gr8 music.

early morning we reached madikeri to find out that almost all the hotels were full. my sincere thanks to gaurav for getting a place when it seemed that we have to live in scorpio for next 2 days. so we got some place and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........................................................

we woke up to find that we that the trip was even more meticulously planned then we had anticipated; no toothpaste, no soap and no undies and we were supposed to visit a waterfall :D so off we go to ABBEY fall (i always marvel at the talent of our puvajas, christians name there sons on their name, we name all our falls ABBEY wtf) . all of us (though unknowingly) decided that since thr are no undies, we wont even need towels and none of us carried the bag (thank got there wasnt any Ford Prefect). the fall was good, we swam and bathe and got ourselves hurt on all possible parts of bodies. but the real fun has just started, we have to change and we havent got towels or undies, so u can feel the desperation. we.........CENSORED............
now its the time for the beast within, to conquer the mountains (god i m good in exgerrating the facts), the ascent was steep and naked, in other wors dangerous atleast for me. twice there were places where one can neither go down nor go up, (well almost....)

off from the abbey falls we now move to talkaveri, i hv heard that its one of the most beautiful sceenery around but the way was simply mindblowing. so greeeeeeeeeeeeeeen. talkaveri is told to be the origin of kaveri river, but i just can comprehend the origin of a river from a pond less than the size of my flat. but the real fun is some 200 hundred stairs up. u climb up and see the beauty, i dont have terms to describe that neither can any pic do justice to it. i only have to close my eyes to see that and yes there is no telepathy available so i cant show it to u.

there wasnt any adventure in the evening other than shireesh histrionics after getting drunk, so will jump to the next day. we were supposed to get up at 5 and we eventually got up full 9 hrs in advance :D still no toothpaste so we saved some precious moments but by the time we started it was 10:30. now its the time to make a move and we dont know whr to go. the desitantaion we were discussing was 80kms apart so didnt make sense to go. we planned to go to a forest though i dont remember the name (any of my humsafar's if u remember plese add it as a comment) the forest was dense and dark was the mind of our director. all his life he has been forgetting paths (accounts for his poor attendence) and here he did it delibrately. so we are in deep forest without any water and salt/whiskey (there were horrifying leeches) and we have lost the path, plus we also faced some burrows (supposedly snake) and bog. everybody starts blaming everyone else. atalast after some panic and hot words we finally got the way out. i am not going to tell u how i lead the crew but i should be promoted and made PM for my leadership qualities :D

next it was tibbetiean monastery. by this time we had got the news of indian swashbuckling performence at kotla so were looking for some respite under the holy roofs. wat we saw was a pulsar150 modified to look like a ducati, but the surprises was there to follow. as we enetered the first pagoda we were stunned to our bones. there were most gothic paintings on the wall, ppl sucking blood from there own organs, heads being boiled, snakes and vultures picking out flesh from the body and graphic details of sex. wud u expect animals fucking men(:o) being painted on the walls of a monastery?? none of us did... the idols as well as the architect was majestic but they were unable to take our attention away from the horrifying images. i tried looking for some explanataion on net but till now havent got any success, will post as soon as i get some (nice way to advertise ones blogs)

i am still left with plenty to write, but its 8:30; empty stomach and tired palms are screeming so winding up(anyway u wont be reading this so doesnt matter) bbye!!!!!!

Monday, April 04, 2005

underwater safari

i had an amazing dream last nite, me and some of my frnds are going for an underwater safari. we met many fishes and other water animals. best thing abt was that we were not wearing oxygen mask or any other gears and were just walking easily. it was one of the most colorful dreams i have ever seen and has been lingering in my mind ever since i woke up. wish life is as easy as dreams....