Wednesday, March 30, 2005

auto ya kato???

auto is the short form of auto rickshaw. all of u who arent familiar with auto rickshaw can visit this. ya means "or" but for those who dont know what kato means, i m sorry i cant give u a proper english equivalent. it basically means to take undue advantage of somebody(especially of a helpless creature).
now all those who have been to bangalore know that its a perfect example of how not to plan a metropoliton. the traffic is horrible to say the least and only public transport is bus service which have some fetish about kannada language. so if you dont have a vehicle and dont know how to read kannada ur transportation depends on ur feet and autos. first depends on how strong u are and second on how strong ur purse is. for me both of these strengths are absent but still i prefer the easier way so second.
before writing anything further i wud like to give the immediate reason for posting this, i had a dream last nite that i m going to indranagr which is some 10 kms away from my home so the fare comes out to be some 50 bucks, but by the time i reach there the meter is showing 75 bucks and i faint. also while to the office today i have a heated discussion by the auto-driver on faith of ganguly, laxman and sachin(damn chinnaswamy falls in en-route).
so now come to the topic, some glaring examples of how autowallahs rapes or atleast try to rape poor guy like me.(while reading this consider that the charges are Rs5/km)
me on the basham circle asks an auto to drop at malleshwaram 11th cross which is some 1.5 kms away, response "40 ruppye de dena"(plz pay 40 bucks) !@$%$#%$^$^
coming home from office within 1.5 kms the meter has clocked Rs15 i altercates with the driver quoting him the rates. he says "woh zamana gaya"(those were the good old days) grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
9 in the night, am at the brigade road, ask autodriver to drop me at cauvery theatre which is some 5 kms away. he solmenly asks me to pay 80 bucks; i explode saying "pi rakhi hai kya"(are u drunk), autowallah start accusing me of insanity. gosh......
these are the very few incidents i have talked abt, each morning even before leaving from home i start thinking abt what strategy to adopt to save my neck from these fellas. now and then i hear how my poor friends were molested by these guys and wat not.
in case u r reading this plz transfer some money to my Citibank a/c 5350563808 so that i can sustain myself and u can continue reading crappy blogs from me. :)

Monday, March 28, 2005

the weekend that was

getting increasingly bored in the office and annoyed by the poor performence of indians in the third test, i thought i shud write something.
this was a great weekend, infact any weekend which has more than 2 days automatically qualifies for gr8ness, regardless of the content :) had a visit to chamiya bar on thursday got really irritated so took the haven of a bar and quenched my thirst with 8PM the most ghatiya whishkey possible. but it is good for sleep, istnt it? had my first joint (rather half joint) of grass that night b4 i dozed down to sleep, and slept really sound.
come good friday had a real idle day giving my back much awaited rest, in the evening discovered another cheap bar and have some red wine till i got a bit drunk, but worst(or the best) part of the wine is that it drains down quite easily. so my roomie who was a bit high demands to see a porno and we go the CD shop at 10:30, get it opened and get the some shit called anal adventure(its another story that it didnt cotnatin any anal in watever clips i saw). i also had an interview rather for some studies dealing in CS or psychology, god know what at 11 in the night. so here i m in my home at 11 waiting for the phone call and here my flat mate is trying desperately to get the porno running but to no avail. the call comes, it happens to be the first time of my interviewer and i feel that she is more hesitant than me. the interview which cud have gone for 2hrs(thats wat she told me b4 calling) lasted 18 mins in which u can give 2,3 mins to formalties. didnt i tell u that we had also sneaked a copy of million dollar baby from the CD shop. started the flick, the print was good but the sound wasnt and above all some intelligent human being had decided to put some subtitles as well. this mr X(i m sure its a he coz she's dont have brains or balls to think abt such wonderful ideas) has a terrible sense of humour or even more terrible knowledge of grammar. in the movie he has used to trained atleast 10 times, wtf. and even more interestingly he has written subtitles for less than 40% of dialogs, i blame it on poor sound quality and am sure that he has got worse pair of ears than me. so the movie goes on, i shud say it was good but doubt that it was the best thing to come out of hollywood last year(i'll discuss my fav 2004 flicks probably in some later posts). acting was excellent, its tough to choose b/w eastwood, swank and freeman for the best performence, story line is good as well and the editing in bang on target. the kind of movie which always have good chance of winning the osccars. 2:30 movie comes to an end, time for a quick jackijng off b4 sleeping.
(wow i have finished less than half the weekend and already felling bored)
so its the saturday and holi, the festival of colors + indian batting day at chinnaswamy. my day started early, too ealry i guess, some where around 6:30(gosh only 4 hours of sleep). woke up, called my friends who were planning to go to the match, had a charlie chaplin style toothbrush, shitting and bath(in a record time), off to chinnaswamy. by now u wud have guessed that we didnt have the tickets, so circling around the stadium, ask each and every person for the black tickets, finally got them from a face painter. bloody bastard was asking for the painting charges after getting 1000 bucks for tickets worth 150. luckily we got a real good seat, dead square of the wicket, but sadly had a dictator of a policeman in the next row(got a club on my ass for charging at a sehwag boundry). shifted to the third floor in the post lunch session(however diehard fan u are the sun doesnt forgive u), had three dumb girls in the bench previous to us. all three have come only for cheering (and for accompanying their dumber boyfriends) with absolutely no knowledge of cricket(as if i have some : D). scolded them numerous time for cheering sachin in place of sehwag and vice versa, but had a good collision with one of them (gosh the girl was all shocked!!!). tea time and we came out, blame it on my not-so-enthu friends. back home it holi time, so got soaked in colors and painted on all parts of the body. roamed around on streets of bangalore on my friend's bike, by the time i m done playing and then cleaning myself i m completely exhausted. the body demands some refueling(read it as time to have some beer). so of to BUNKER, had some beers, but got majorly irritated by the DJ and the crowd who didnt know difference b/w metal and punjabi pop :X back home, sleep.
so its sunday, not much to talk abt apart from wake-eat-sleep-wake again routine. discovered a beautiful and cheap place for wining and dining. watched frida in the night, nice movie. liberal body display by salma hayek as well as the acting talents.
that all for my blog, phew.................